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Sketchbook Course Participant

I enjoyed the small class size and personalized instruction.  The personal motivational message and drawing in the front of the sketch book was lovely.  There was lots of time for questions and practice.  I am looking forward to taking my next set of classes!

Landscape Course Participant

As an amatur artist I was able to take the dynamic landscape with colour and light course. Casey was able to articulate clearly the steps of creating a lanscape painting, breaking the process down in managable segments. I feel no matter of of the level of expereince you have, Casey's enthusiasm for art inspires you continue on. Highly reccommend taking a class.

Landscape Course Participant

The class was held in a great space with few people which made the experience very up close and personal, in a good way. Casey was very keen to share tips, techniques and examples of his work. Very informative and constructive

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